Eighth Paris Attacker May Have Escaped Into Syria, Investigators Now Say

151115134054-abdeslam-salah-paris-suspect-large-169-e1448291617741-300x197Salah Abdeslam, the man who was the subject of a manhunt across Europe for the past two weeks, is now thought to have left the continent and might be heading for ISIS territory.

While he was released by policemen after being detained in the first few hours, Abdeslam quickly became France’s most wanted man after he was identified as an eighth suspect involved in the devastating attack on Paris over two weeks ago. Despite international efforts to find him, CNN received word from investigators that Abdeslam managed to leave the country, and is heading to Syria.

While details remain scarce over what Abdeslam has done since his flight, raids and arrests have produced new reported details of what he might have been doing since it began. The Wall Street Journal reported that a friend of Abdeslam, Ali Oulkadi, has been arrested and is facing trial for being one of the three people suspected in helping Abdeslam escape.

Oulkadi and Abdeslam were reportedly friends since childhood in Belgium, and it has been reported that the two met at a Brussels cafe where Abdeslam bragged about his involvement with the jihadi terror cell.

In a separate report from International Business Times, Abdeslam was said to have not only rented the terrorist’s car, but that he also contributed by buying the detonators used by the suicide bombers. A store owner told investigators Abdeslam bought ten of them from his fireworks shop in Paris, inquiring as to their reliability.

[image via Police Nationale]

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