Elitism Makes Democrats ‘Disrespectful’: Van Jones Talks Post-Election Unity

imageedit_262_9353228475CNN’s Van Jones appeared on Reliable Sources today to talk about his upcoming specialThe Messy Truth. During his segment, he spoke about his conversations with people who voted for Donald Trump and what it will take to unify the country now that the election is over.

“A lot of liberals think that all of Trump voters are part of the alt-right, neo-Nazi camp, which is not true,” Jones said. He explained that while many Trump voters were “not delighted” by some of Trump’s rhetoric, they had “other hurts” that compelled them to vote for the mogul over the former Secretary of State.

Jones moved on to say that both major political parties have blind spots. Democrats, he said, can be elitist and ignore middle-American “red state voters.” He stated that many liberals think conservatives are dumb, which “makes that party disrespectful.”

The Republicans’ blind spot is racial, said Jones. He explained that the party ignores the issues of people of color by promoting the idea of “color-blind meritocracy.”

Watch above to see Jones explain what both parties and the media are doing wrong and what he believes the future looks like — or should look like — as a result.

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