Elsewhere on the Internet! A (Mostly) Non-Media Linkfest

• This was probably cooked up by a gaggle of disgruntled 4channers, but it’s still pretty hilar. (RQ)

• Well this is fairly creepy. Michael Jackson had a “young protégé” who he called “Little Monkey. But things were all good: “He was always like, ‘Please be careful with Little Monkey. When you ride on the four wheelers, PLEASE be careful because Little Michael lives with me.” (SK)

NYT Lens Blog: Philip Gefter, former Times picture editor, Evaluates the value of truth in iconic photographs; how much should staged photographs bother us? (ZT)

Homemade: Ham, Provolone, Mayo, Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips, On Whole Grain bread. (ZT)

Sartorialist book, out August 12th in the US. (ZT)

• Someone hire Michael Hogan as press secretary! Dude is good: You Don’t Have to Be a Racist to Apologize, Sft. Crowley. (RS)

• Jo Piazza makes a pretty good case for being a trophy wife over at the Daily Beast. (RS)

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