Elsewhere on the Internet! A (Mostly) Non-Media Linkfest

fishjumpsout1•An amazing (and heartbreaking) piece of writing and storytelling via The Awl. Natasha Vargas-Cooper is a real talent. (RS)

•Over at Salon, Dave Eggers discusses his new book Zeitoun (2009) about Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath, and further cheers us up about the future of print. (ZT)

• For Hemingway fans, and particularly those devoted to A Moveable Feast, this is a must read in light of the “bowdlerized version” that has just been published. “I recount this history of A Moveable Feast to demonstrate how involved Ernest was with it, and that the manuscript was not left in shards but was ready for publication. Ernest died before the publication of the book could go forward. When I visited him in the Mayo Clinic a few months before his dementia led to his suicide, he was very concerned about his Paris book, and worried that it needed a final sentence, which it did not.” (GM) has become a guilty pleasure. What other site gets 45,000 pageviews for an article called “10 Strangest Frogs?” Their listicles sure are addictive, though. (RQ).

Wired has a great media consumption charticle in their most recent issue, proving The Onion right. (RQ)

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