Palin Defends Curt Schilling Over ESPN Firing, Posts Cartoon Mocking Trans Advocates

Palin Defends Schilling Over Firing, Posts Cartoon Mocking Trans Advocates

Curt Schilling was fired from ESPN yesterday after mocking transgender people on social media, and Sarah Palin is defending him in what some view as an offensive meme of her own.

Before Schilling posted an image slamming the outcry against the recent North Carolina bill regarding restroom and locker room use by trans people, the sports analyst  became controversial last year for comparing Muslims to Nazis. Palin defended Schilling during this controversy too, and she’s still standing by him. This time with her post of a cartoon titled “Fundamentally Transforming America – B. Obama.”

One panel depicts a white “victim” sobbing and bemoaning how homophobic people have invaded his “safe space,” while the other panel shows a little girl labelled as a bigot for pointing out an adult man in the ladies room.

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