ESPN Host Wonders If The Tea Party Is ‘Like ISIS Trying To Establish A Caliphate’

caliphateHuffington Post editor Howard Fineman and ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser compared the Tea Party with ISIS Friday, suggesting the conservative political group shares similarities with the extremist militant group.

Fineman, who was describing the conservative movement in Congress, told Kornheiser that “there are about 40 of those guys and gals who are Tea Party people, who hate the leadership who hate the idea of the leadership, who are hard-core conservatives, who want to shut down the government,” Fineman said, adding that “shutting down the government is like their favorite thing to do.”

Fineman asserted that “the House needs a dictatorial leader,” but Tea Party members don’t want a moderate politician in charge. “These people say, ‘we’re going to do whatever the heck we want, and we’re going to attack whoever the speaker is,'” Fineman said.

Likely Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, will have to “stage some kind of fight” with Tea Party members, “and defeat them, or take away their power, or go after them,” Fineman posited.

Kornheiser then asked Fineman if the Tea Party members are “like ISIS trying to establish a Caliphate here.”

“Yes! That’s a very good analogy!” Fineman replied. “Without the violence obviously, but yes, they are a rejectionist front.”

Listen to the audio above, via ESPN.

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