ESPN’s Bill Simmons Goes Off on Roger Goodell: ‘Such F*cking Bullsh*t!’

ESPN commentator and editor-in-chief Bill Simmons has been one of the most consistently critical voices of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell following the domestic violence and child abuse scandals that have subsumed the league in recent weeks. Following Goodell’s major press conference last week, Simmons took his criticism to the next level, using his “B.S. Report” podcast to call the commissioner’s self-defense “such fucking bullshit.”

“Goodell, if he didn’t know what was on that tape, he’s a liar,” Simmons said Monday. “I’m just saying it. He is lying. I think that dude is lying. If you put him up on a lie detector test that guy would fail. For all these people to pretend they didn’t know is such fucking bullshit. It really is — it’s such fucking bullshit. And for him to go in that press conference and pretend otherwise, I was so insulted. I really was.”

Later, Simmons dared someone at ESPN to penalize him for speaking out against the NFL. “I really hope somebody calls me or emails me and says I’m in trouble for anything I say about Roger Goodell,” he said. “Because if one person says that to me, I’m going public. You leave me alone. The commissioner’s a liar and I get to talk about that on my podcast.”

“Please, call me and say I’m in trouble,” he added. “I dare you.”

Listen to audio below, via Grantland:

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