ESPNU to Televise a Guy Doing Literally Nothing But Eating Cookies and Milk on Christmas Day

ESPNU is putting a…um…let’s call it unique spin on the holiday Yule Log this Christmas.

For a full hour on Christmas morning, college football analyst Mike Golic Jr. will be seated in front of a virtual fireplace in ESPNU’s studio — where he will be doing literally nothing but eating cookies and drinking milk.

In the promo clip above, you can see Golic Jr., dressed in pajamas, thoughtfully munching on a cookie — while a woman in an elf costume fills his milk glass.

In the press release touting the broadcast, ESPN’s Gracie Blackburn wrote:

Like many Americans, ESPN analyst Mike Golic Jr. loves college football and also loves Christmas cookies. On Christmas morning, let ESPNU’s cozy holiday studio light up your living room with an enchanting fireplace, excessive tinsel and an uninterrupted telecast of Golic Jr, in his holiday pajamas, eating cookies. A Very Golic Christmas is on from 7-8 a.m. ET.

This seems an appropriate time to note that according to the media analysis firm SNL Kagan, ESPN costs $7.21 per cable subscriber per month, nearly four times more than the next most expensive non-premium channel on cable. Together with ESPN2 and ESPNU, the three networks come in at $8.31 per subscriber, per month.

Watch the video above, via ESPNU.

[featured image via screengrab]

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