Evan McMullin Owns Smug CNBC Hosts Who Pronounce He’s on Air ‘Not Because We Think You Can Eventually Win’

screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-12-56-27-pm-650x416Evan McMullin is the independent presidential hopeful who is doing really, really well in Utah, which is a state that hasn’t voted for any presidential candidate outside the Republican party for decades. Today, he went on CNBC and was told straight off the bat that he wasn’t there because he has any chance of winning but rather because if he wins Utah, the electoral votes that would usually go to Donald Trump will just aid Hillary Clinton.

McMullin was a good sport about that, but really didn’t take kindly to CNBC anchor Joe Kernen dismissing all of the polls saying Trump is going to lose on November 8. Kernen got worked up about the independent “taking votes away from the Republican and making it harder to stop Hillary Clinton.”

“So I’m taking votes away from Donald Trump? He might be the Republican but he’s no conservative,” McMullin responded. Later, he went off on Trump’s “bigoted, misogynistic, xenophobic candidacy which has divided this country even during this race.”

He’s been making these points about Trump for a long time. So far, it looks like only the people of Utah are really listening but after this segment, the chastened CNBC hosts who seemed to have invited him on just to hector and bully him, might now be listening as well.

Watch the entire contentious thing above.

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