C-SPAN Tweeted About Bono Name Checking Them Today

Do you have a favorite celebrity? Of course you do! I have lots of them. In fact, I’ve gone out of my way to attend meet-and-greets with these favorite celebrities of mine only to get super nervous last-minute and take excruciatingly uncomfortable-looking photos with my idols. Every picture I have with a celebrity is worse than the one before it. It’s shameful.

Other people have different sorts of reactions to interactions with celebrities. Ryan Reynolds, a celebrity himself, reacted negatively to being name checked by Seth Rogan the other night, for instance. You know who loves being name checked by their favorite celebs, though? C-SPAN.

C-SPAN is the Lindsey Ellefson of cable networks because they get extra giddy when acknowledged by their idols, too, is what I’m saying here. Just as I still tweeted hysterically about my moments basking in the soft light bouncing off of Chrissy Teigen‘s cheekbones, C-SPAN tweeted about being name checked by none other than Bono.

Bono was on Capitol Hill to address a Senate subcommittee about the need for a broader humanitarian response to the refugee crisis. This followed an op-ed that he had published in The New York Times this morning.

Anyway, to review, this is C-SPAN right now:


[image via screengrab]

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