Ex-CIA Officer Valerie Plame Apologizes for Promoting Article Blaming ‘America’s Jews’ For War


Just two hours after promoting and endorsing an antisemitic article blaming Jews for America’s wars, ex-CIA operative Valerie Plume says she “messed up” in sharing content that is “problematic AF” — AF being internet slang for “as fuck.”

The article in question was published by fringe outlet The Unz Review and it was titled, “America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars.” The post, written by foreign policy analyst Philip Giraldi, argues, “We don’t need a war with Iran because Israel wants one and some rich and powerful American Jews are happy to deliver. Seriously, we don’t need it.”

Amazingly, Plume didn’t even immediately apologize after she was called out for sharing the article. In fact, she even doubled down by defending the — in her eyes — “thoughtful [article],” also adding, “many neocon hawks ARE Jewish.”

So after facing a couple hours of harsh internet backlash, Plame took to her Twitter account again, this time to apologize.

However, her apology seems less than genuine, as Plame has shared an article from the same antisemitic outlet before, as well as dabbled in similar bigoted statements before by making jokes about “rich jews” — as seen in the tweet below:

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