Ex-Clinton Spox on Why Sarah Sanders is Killing the WH Briefing: She Knows She’ll Be ‘Thrown Under the Bus’

Former White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart has sympathy for the woman who currently holds that post, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Speaking on CNN’s New Day, Lockhart, who served as the chief spokesperson for President Bill Clinton, addressed why he believes Sanders no longer briefs the White House press corps.

“I now know why, and I fully understand why Sarah Sanders doesn’t do briefings anymore,” Lockhart said. “You know you’re going to get thrown under the bus. You just don’t know what row you’re going to end up in.”

Lockhart’s remark came during a New Day discussion on President Donald Trump’s rhetoric ahead of the midterm elections. (The CNN chyron for the discussion read, “Trump Spreads Lies & Stokes Fears Ahead of Elections.”) Lockhart doesn’t expect much to change on this score.

“You can’t shame the shameless,” Trump said. “A traditional politician, if they lied over and over again, other politicians, media, critics would come in, they’d feel some shame, and they’d be shamed into telling the truth. He’s shameless. So there’s nothing you can do.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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