Ex-NBA Coach George Karl Says Basketball Has a Problem With Steroids

screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-6-32-29-pm-1Already, ex-NBA coach George Karl has made waves around the league with his bridge burning tell-all Furious George: My Forty Years Surviving NBA Divas, Clueless GMs, and Poor Shot Selection. Now, in the latest excerpt from the book, Karl states his belief that the NBA has an issue with performance enhancing drugs.

“(W)e’ve still got a drug issue, though a different one than thirty years ago,” Karl wrote, in a passage shared by NBC Sports. “And this one bothers me more than the dumbasses who got in trouble with recreational drugs.”

Karl added:

It’s obvious some of our players are doping. How are some guys getting older—yet thinner and fitter? How are they recovering from injuries so fast? Why the hell are they going to Germany in the off-season? I doubt it’s for the sauerkraut.

The coach wrote that he did not have a solution to the problem, citing one of sports’ most famous cheaters as evidence that it’s very difficult to catch drug violators in the act.

“Unfortunately, drug testing always seems to be a couple steps behind drug hiding,” Karl wrote. “Lance Armstrong never failed a drug test.”

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