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Ex-RNC Finance Chair Steve Wynn Reportedly Created LLC to Pay Off One of His Accusers

After news broke this morning that a 1998 story on ex-RNC finance chairman Steve Wynn‘s sexual harassment was spiked by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Wall Street Journal released another report detailing how the billionaire set up a separate LLC to conceal his $7.5 million harassment payment.

While the GOP mega donor runs his personal organization Wynn Resorts Ltd., he opted to set up a limited liability company named Entity Y in 2005 to hide the fact that he made a multi-million dollar settlement with a woman accusing him of forcing “her to have sex.” Records suggest the LLC was only used as a vehicle to settle the accusation.

Wynn’s accuser worked as a manicurist at one of his resorts at the time of the incident, and she is just one of his many alleged victims who worked under him.

The $7.5 million payment had been previously reported by the Wall Street Journal, but the LLC news is the next domino to fall against Wynn as he struggles to retain his company’s casino license in the face of regulations in Massachusetts who can revoke it.

Additionally, numerous members of the Republican party — including House Speaker Paul Ryan — have come forward to condemn Wynn or distance themselves from him. Despite denying the allegations against him, Wynn still voluntarily stepped down from his role at the RNC after the first reports came out last month.

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