Ex-U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance: Erik Prince ‘In Deep Trouble’ for Lying, Failing to Disclose Trump Tower Meeting

Former U.S. attorney and MSNBC contributor Joyce Vance says Erik Prince is in a perilous legal position with his apparent failure to tell Congress about a meeting he attended in 2016 with foreign officials at Trump Tower.

Joyce joined Stephanie Ruhle on Monday to react to an Al Jazeera interview in which the former Blackwater head insisted that he told Congress about the meeting, even though the disclosure is nowhere in his transcript. When asked about Prince’s answers to Medhi Hasan, Vance responded “when your defense to a perjury charge is that an official certified transcript from a House hearing is wrong, you are in deep trouble.”

“I think any prosecutor would be proud to have [Hasan] in the courtroom along with them,” Vance said. “It looks like Erik Prince clearly lied when he testified in front of the Hill. It will be up to either a federal prosecutor or Congress itself to refer that case over for action.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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