Exasperated Karl Rove Rips Donald Trump For His Inability to Stay on Message

roveKarl Rove went on Fox News Friday afternoon to express his exasperation at Donald Trump for repeated failure to stay on message and seeming inability not to trip himself up with ill-considered, impromptu remarks.

Speaking to Fox’s Charles Payne, Rove said that Trump was putting out fires with the GOP when he should have been “going after Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or laying out his own vision.”

“He feels this need to counterpunch on everything,” Rove continued. “He ought to resist it.”

Rove was specifically referring to Trump’s lashing back at the 70 GOP leaders who wrote a letter to the RNC, arguing that the party should withhold funds from his campaign.

Rove went on to say that the GOP candidate for president had “squandered the last three weeks,” because he continued to get himself sidetracked, making unnecessary, incendiary remarks; re-litigating old feuds; and alienating many Republicans in the process.

Sam Reisman (@thericeman) is a staff editor at Mediaite.

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