Eyewitness to Belgium Subway Station Attack Recounts Evacuation Scene

Following the explosions in Brussels, Belgium Tuesday that killed at least 30 people, an eyewitness to the subway station blast spoke with CNN’s Chris Cuomo directly.

Sander Verniers told Cuomo that he was in the subway car immediately behind where the explosion was — “stuck between two stations,” recalled Verniers.

“Well we all kind of felt the strong winds going through the carriage of the subway,” Verniers told Cuomo. “And then we heard some noises that shouldn’t be there [sic]. We saw some people that opened the backdoor of the subway station, and we all managed to get to one door. It was very organized.”

The explosion that rocked the subway station in the suburb of Maalbeek followed twin blasts at the Brussels airport in what has been identified as a suicide bombing. Belgium, as well as many other cities around the world, have heightened security in major transportation hubs in the aftermath of the deadly attacks.

Information on this story is still developing, and we will update this as more information becomes available.

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