Facebook Can Tell if You’re a Liberal, a Conservative, or a Moderate


facebook-e1462803926896Depending on who you are and what you post, Facebook can be a place where people embrace and display their political opinions. Even if you are discreet though, it turns out that the social media site has a way of picking up on your views based on your interests and online activity.

Let’s give it a test run, shall we?

STEP 1 – Log into Facebook and use this link

STEP 2 – Once you’re on the “Preferences” page, look under the “Interests” header and click the “Lifestyle and Culture” tab

STEP 3 – Find the “US Politics” tab. If it’s not there right away, hit the “see more” button.

Voila! The political affiliation Facebook thinks you are most likely to have should be there in parentheses. Your views will come up as Liberal, Moderate, or Conservative.

Facebook is known to collect information on its users, and the new layout for the ad preference page demonstrates how people can now see they ways in which they are classified. As The New York Times reports, Facebook makes it’s determination by examining which 2016 candidate pages you follow, which brands you like, and the political affiliations tied to your various interests.

The political implications of this info-gathering is that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton can put ads online that focus on voters in one category or another. Certain ads will be circulated more on the hard-right and the hard-left, while more moderate ads will try to make appeals to middle-of-the-road or undecided voters.

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