Facebook Photos Show Extravagant Life of Alleged Santa Barbara Shooter

The YouTube manifesto that alleged UC Santa Barbara shooter Elliot Rodger posted online just one day before committing a drive-by shooting spree that left seven dead, including himself, gave a glimpse inside the mind of a disturbed 22-year-old young man who felt unable to find the love and affection from girls his age that other kids his age could. But a look at his Facebook page reveals a luxurious life complete with first class airplane rides and private Katy Perry concerts.

Based on the photos he posted, it is suspected that Rodger may be the son of filmmaker Peter Rodger, who worked as a second unit director of The Hunger Games movie series. He lived in Calabasas, California, a mountain community north of Malibu where the median income tops $100,000 per year.

Like many modern users of social media, it appeared, at least until the end, that Rodger shared the highlights of his life online while concealing the darker moments in between. That being said, he does not look particularly happy in any of the photos, often sporting sunglasses and a solemn frown.

Below is a look at some of the more extravagant moments Rodger shared online over the last few years.

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[Photos via Facebook]

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