Fake News Site Makes Fools Think Holder Paid Gang Leaders to Riot in Ferguson

In round #223443890 jillion of No, That Viral Article You Just Shared Is From A Fake News Site, we would like to tell you: no, the article you posted about Eric Holder paying off gangs to start riots in Ferguson is 100% false.

National Report, a quote-unquote satire website with a long, long history of fooling media outlets with fake news stories, managed to trick a number of news outlets into reporting that the Attorney General bribed gang leaders to cause trouble in the already-troubled town of Ferguson, Mo.:

Allegedly, Holder’s goal behind pouring the proverbial gasoline on an already volatile scene is to test militarized police response in a martial law scenario. It is also suspected that the riots have been started as the latest in distractions from the diabolical duo of Obama and Holder. This isn’t the first time they have created a media bait-and-switch to cover up any of their numerous crimes and blunders.

That didn’t stop Twitter from going nuts over the post, with thousands of tweets denouncing Holder popping up like so many daisies. (This is probably a good justification for Facebook’s upcoming “satire” tag, even if it offends classier, more talented satire sites.)

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[Image via White House]

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