Family of Gun Instructor Killed by 9-Year-Old Releases Video Message

The four children of Charles Vacca, the gun instructor who was killed when a nine-year-old girl lost control of an uzi at an Arizona gun range last month, released a video message Monday to the unnamed girl.

“We don’t know your name, but we are connected by this tragedy,” Vacca’s 11-year-old son Christopher said in the video, which was released by the family’s legal counsel.

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“Our dad would want you to know that you should move forward with your life,” Vacca’s 15-year-old daughter Elizabeth said. “You should not let this define you. You should love yourself – and love your family.”

“Some day we hope that we can meet you, hug you, and tell you that it’s okay,” Christopher said.

Attorney James Goodnow appeared at the end of the video, saying that the family was cognizant of the “broader national discussion” over gun culture induced by the incident, but that the family hoped it would not overshadow the personal tragedy, both for the Vacca family and for the nine-year-old.

Watch the video below, via Lamber Goodnow:

[Image via screengrab]

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