Fan Video Shows WWE’s Undertaker Sneaking Into Ring While Lights Are Out

It’s officially WrestleMania week, where tens of thousands of fans and dozens upon dozens of performers from America’s favorite pseudo-sport descend upon a major city for the genre’s biggest event of the year. Monday night in Philadelphia was the site of the last episode of World Wrestling Entertainment’s Monday Night Raw television show before Sunday’s supercard in Orlando, peaking a number of storylines to set up the big matches. One of those matches features The Undertaker, the longest tenured wrestler and character in WWE, taking on Roman Reigns.

On Raw, The Undertaker used one of his signature magic tricks, teleporting to the ring while the lights were out to psych out Reigns. On television, it looked perfect. From the first row…not so much. With flashbulbs going off everywhere, you can plainly see in the above embedded fan video that The Undertaker had been under the ring, and snuck into the squared circle during the blackout. Worse, in the process, he not only dropped his hat, but also kicked a cameraman in the face.

Not exactly as mesmerizing as it was with the right camera angle, eh? You can see how it looked on TV below:

[image via David Seto under Creative Commons license]

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