Father of Chicago Shooting Victim Files Lawsuit Against the City

legrierA Chicago police officer fatally shot 19-year-old Quintonio LeGrier over the weekend, and his father is already filing a lawsuit against the city.

LeGrier had reportedly been holding a baseball bat and was aggressively banging it against a door. The police had been called, and his father Antonio LeGrier told their downstairs neighbor Bettie Jones to not open the door until the police showed up.

When they did show up, Jones let them inside, and she ended up shot dead too. The Chicago Police Department said the younger LeGrier was very combative and they took quick action.

LeGrier told NBC News that he’s filing a wrongful death suit against the city. The lawsuit claims that his son “never posed a danger of threat or harm” and the cops on the scene did nothing to attempt to provide medical care to his son after he was shot.

The attorney who filed the suit, Basileios Foutris, explained, “There was no way he was posing a threat to the officer. He didn’t have a gun. He didn’t have a knife. He certainly didn’t have any kind of a weapon that could have presented a threat to an officer who was 20, 30 feet away.”

Members of Jones’ family have spoken out in grief and outrage about her being struck down as well, but they have not yet filed a lawsuit.

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