FBI Agents Reportedly Knew of New Emails Weeks Before Comey Did

james-comeyWith FBI Director James Comey making a shocking announcement less than two weeks before the presidential election, people are starting to wonder when exactly he learned of this information.

Well, a new report from The Washington Post reveals that Comey was literally made aware of this last Thursday, a day before going public. And on top of that, he was apparently told weeks after FBI agents knew.

Now, WaPo‘s report says that FBI agents who had been investigating Clinton’s server knew about this. The FBI’s investigation into Anthony Weiner led them to this revelation, and so somehow the agents involved in the email investigation were told about this new issue weeks before Director Comey––who held that giant presser announcing no charges against Clinton––was made aware.

Which begs the question of why there was such a long wait until Comey knew:

It is also unclear what agents have been doing in the intervening time—for instance, whether they were trying to learn more about the emails before notifying Comey. An FBI spokesman declined to immediately provide a statement.

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