FBI Officials Tell Reporters They Were Caught Off-Guard and Shocked By Comey Firing

Following the absolute bombshell that FBI Director James Comey had been fired by President Donald Trump, reporters and media outlets noted they were getting inquiries from those within the bureau to see if the news was actually real, indicating that there was never any forewarning that this was could happen.

While live on the air, CNN justice correspondent Evan Perez stated that he was receiving text messages from sources of his at the FBI asking him if it was true.

“They have not even been told exactly what is happening,” Perez noted. “That’s the suddenness of this announcement.”

Fellow CNN correspondent Jim Sciutto tweeted out something similar about how those at the FBI were caught unaware.

NBC News’ Pete Williams said the same:

And in its report on Comey’s firing, the New York Times pointed out the following:

Officials at the F.B.I. said they were not immediately aware of Mr. Comey’s dismissal, which Mr. Trump described as effective immediately.

Watch the CNN clip above.

[image via screengrab]

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