FBI Reportedly Investigating Attempted Cyberattack of Trump Organization

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According to ABC News, President Donald Trump’s two oldest sons visited with the FBI earlier this month to discuss an attempted hack of the Trump Organization.

Officials told ABC that they confirmed the overseas cyberattack attempt and held a meeting with Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump in New York on May 8th, which just happened to be the day before their father fired FBI Director James Comey.

In response to the story, Eric Trump wouldn’t confirm or deny the meeting took place, but did insist to ABC News that no hack occurred.

“We absolutely weren’t hacked,” Eric Trump said during the brief call. “That’s crazy. We weren’t hacked, I can tell you that.”

This reported investigation comes at a time when the White House is currently dealing with an expanding investigation into possible collusion between Trump associates and Russia regarding election interference. In the wake of Comey’s termination, the administration has been rocked by numerous bombshell reports that have led to cries of “obstruction of justice” from pundits and Democrats (and some Republicans).

Last week, the Department of Justice appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel in the Russia probe.

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