FBI Tracking Down Man Who Shouted ‘I Have Ebola!’ on L.A. Bus

If you don’t have Ebola, shouting you do in a crowded area is remarkably unhelpful. And if you do, stay out of crowded areas in the first place. Either way, the FBI and local authorities are searching for a man who shouted “I have Ebola!” on a Los Angeles bus.

A Metro spokesperson explained yesterday that a man with a surgical mask went up to the driver and rather strongly informed him, “Don’t mess with me. I have Ebola.” The driver got in contact with Metro Operations Control, and was instructed to get the other passengers off the bus once this man had removed his mask.

Whether or not the man actually had Ebola (most likely not), there were no traces of bodily fluids on the bus. The driver was sent to the hospital, but has shown no signs of symptoms so far.

But this person has not been apprehended yet, and now the FBI is getting involved. The incident has already cost a lot of money, so they want to make it clear any pranks like this will be seriously punished.

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