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Felon Doesn’t Know How to Unload Gun, Fires It at Neighbor’s Window Instead

A 31-year-old Pennsylvania felon was arrested for firing a bullet into his neighbor’s window, but George Byrd IV swears he has a good reason: he wasn’t trying to kill anyone, he was just trying to unload the gun and didn’t know how to do it, other than by firing the bullet.

The Bucks County Courier Times reports that Byrd, a convicted felon, was arrested on Friday after his neighbor called the police on him. Byrd initially claimed he didn’t fire the weapon, but then later admitted that he did, because there was this bullet, see, and the gun was too complicated, and…stuff.

Admittedly, Byrd is the kind of felon who may legitimately not know how to handle a gun: he was convicted of burglary when he was 17 and forbidden from purchasing firearms as a result. It doesn’t explain why police also found a .357 revolver, a 12-gauge double barrel shotgun, an M77 rifle, and “several rounds of handgun ammunition” in Byrd’s house, but who knows, maybe he was experimenting.

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