Female Former Fox Employees Anonymously Support Gretchen Carlson Harassment Claims

roger_ailesFormer female Fox News employees speaking anonymously tell CNN that they believe Gretchen Carlson‘s claims that she was sexually harassed by Fox News CEO Roger Ailes.

The reason for their anonymity, CNN’s Brian Stelter reports, is that Fox News makes employees sign strict non-disparagement clauses upon leaving the network. So while many current and former Fox employees are at perfect liberty to praise Ailes and support him, many are legally barred from openly condemning him.

Speaking anonymously, those staffers tell Stelter that Carlson’s claims ring true. “I think there are many people who’ve had the same experience Gretchen is describing,” one former reporter said. Another former commentator defended Carlson and called Ailes a “dirty old fart” in a Facebook post, but took it down to avoid legal ramifications.

“Roger often took verbal liberties with female employees,” said another. One former host claims Ailes told her to “walk down the hallway slower, I want to get a look at those legs.” Others declined to tell their stories even when promised anonymity.

The CNN report comes hours after New York Magazine reported that Ailes will soon be shown the door by his superiors. 21st Century quickly released a statement denying that report, saying the investigation into Carlson’s allegations is still ongoing.

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