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Fiorina Equates Trump and Obama: Both Hit ‘Below the Belt’

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Undisputed winner of Fox News’ “undercard” debate Carly Fiorina has been on the war path over the last several days, using Donald Trump’s words against Megyn Kelly against him in her efforts to attract female conservatives to her campaign.

In the days since, Trump hit back at Fiorina by saying she gives him a “headache,” something he has not said about his male rivals. GQ’s Jason Zengerle asked Fiorina on Wednesday if she viewed that as a “sexist” remark.

At first, Fiorina attempted to dismiss the topic, saying repeatedly, “You’ll have to ask Donald Trump.” But when she was pressed to respond as the only woman in the GOP primary, Fiorina decided to equate Trump’s “below the belt” comments with other statements she’s heard from President Barack Obama:

Well, as I said on Friday night, there are certain comments for which there is no excuse. There was no excuse for his comments about Megyn Kelly. Likewise, there are other politicians who are equally below the belt. I said there was no excuse for President Obama calling anyone who opposes his Iranian deal the equivalent of the Iranian hardliners who are chanting “Death to America.” There are politicians in both parties, unfortunately, who paint with a broad brush, who use insulting or demeaning language, and it’s never helpful, it’s never helpful.

Later in the interview, when Zengerle brought up Fiorina’s flawed tenure as CEO of Hewlett-Packard, the candidate employed another analogy, this time comparing herself to some of the most successful businesspeople of all time.

“I got fired, in a boardroom brawl, because I made a couple enemies on the board,” she said. “It is what happens when you challenge the status quo, and it is why Steve Jobs called me that very day and said, ‘I’ve been fired twice. That’s what happens when you rattle people’s cages.'”

“And it’s why Oprah Winfrey was fired and Mike Bloomberg was fired and Walt Disney was fired,” Fiorina added. “It is what happens. Nonetheless, my tenure was actually twice as long as the average tenure of a chief executive at that time in the industry.”

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