First Debate Topics Revealed: Economy To Dominate Discussion

With the first presidential debate just weeks away, the topics of discussion have been revealed and the economy will dominate the discussion for much of the debate. The first three segments of the debate between President Barack Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney will be devoted to the state of the economic recovery, with the rest of the debate devoted to health care, the role of government and the process of governing.

The October 3 debate will be moderated by PBS’ host of The News Hour, Jim Lehrer, and will be held at the campus of the University of Denver in Colorado. 15 minute will be devoted to each of the six segments with at least 45 minutes devoted to the economy, according to the Washington Post:

* The Economy – I
* The Economy – II
* The Economy – III
* Health Care
* The Role of Government
* Governing

Those topics may not be covered in that debate in the order presented above.

h/t the Washington Post

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