First Look At Onion News Network Scene Features Glorious Dancing And Kim Jong Il As Batman

A few weeks ago, we got a look at the Onion News Network, the upcoming television spinoff of the satirical mainstay. Now, with the show set to premiere in just a few weeks and The New York Times reporting that one of their chief fake news rivals is busy saving the world or something, IFC has released the full scene that the image was from, now in moving picture form. So, yes, while we already knew that the show had a bit about Kim Jong Il playing Batman, we now know that that bit ends with his North Korean spokesmen doing a wonderful dance to “celebrate Dear Leader’s ascendancy to Batman.”

While the dancing is great, the best part is probably the spokesman explaining that Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman will be allowed to participate in the film so that they can “learn the glorious craft of acting” from Jong Il. It’s tough to write jokes about North Korea’s leader since much of the truth is already so outrageous, but this does a fair job of it. We’ll leave it to all you to decide whether the show looks to be meeting the high standards of the content over at The Onion proper. It premieres in full on January 21st on IFC.

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