First Proposed RNC Rule A Sweeping Rebuke to the ‘Dump Trump’ Flank

Republican ElephantThe first proposed change to this year’s RNC rules is a one-stop solution to lock Donald Trump in as the nominee and a sweeping rebuke to the “Dump Trump” flank of the party that wanted to oust him during the convention.

The draft rule, first reported by MSNBC Thursday, proposes to lock in place all the rules from the 2012 convention — foregoing any possible changes to this year’s convention rules that might have allowed for a non-Trump Republican to clinch the nomination.

The so-called “Dump Trump” effort has loosely coalesced around a plan to change convention rules, by introducing such amendments as a “conscience clause,” in order to unbind the delegates and allow them to vote for a candidate other than Trump.

The proposed rule, submitted by Solomon Yue, an Oregon delegate on the convention rules committee, would make it so that any such changes to convention rules would not take effect until the 2020 convention.

Yue told MSNBC, “This proposal would take politics out of the rule-making process, and focus on unity so we could defeat Hillary Clinton in November.”

The proposed amendment is a rebuke to anti-Trump elements in the GOP, such as Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, who has spoken out in favor of “delegate revolt” at a Convention of Conscience.” Yue’s proposal is a “very, very simple” solution to stifling any such effort, he told MSNBC.

[h/t MSNBC]

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