Flashback 2007: Senator Obama Criticized President Bush For Trying To ‘Hide Behind’ Executive Privilege

Wednesday morning, the White House has invoked executive privilege over disputed documents regarding Operation Fast and Furious, the botched gun-running operation that has Attorney General Eric Holder in hot water with Congress. The move means the Department of Justice can now legally withhold relevant documents from the House Oversight Committee, whose vote to consider Holder in contempt of Congress is scheduled for Wednesday.

This is President Barack Obama‘s first use of executive privilege. His predecessor PresidentGeorge W. Bush asserted executive privilege six times during his tenure. It turns out that in 2007, then-Senator Obama was a vocal critic of Bush’s assertion of executive privilege with respect to the investigations over the firing of United States Attorneys and the Valerie Plame leak.

“There’s been a tendency, on the part of this administration, to try to hide behind executive privilege every time there’s something a little shaky that’s taking place,” he told CNN’s Larry King. “I think the administration would be best served by coming clean on this. There doesn’t seem to be any national security issues involved.”

Check out the video below, via CNN:

(H/T Doug Mataconis)

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