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Florida Woman Tries to Rescue Shark Found in Condominium Swimming Pool

PicMonkey Collage - sharkIn the latest in Florida news, a woman from Palm Beach County found herself in a surprising situation when she found a shark in the pool of a condo complex.

Nicole Bonk was visiting friends at Mariner’s Cay condominium in Hypoluxo, when she noticed two boys who seemed to be in the middle of a prank. Bonk told the Sun Sentinel that the young men were carrying a five-foot blacktip shark, with hooks in its mouth, that they dumped into the pool at around 11 P.M.

“These two kids, they came back from fishing and threw this half-dead creature into the pool as a prank,” she said. “They left the shark in the pool to die. I think they’re terrible children because it’s animal cruelty.”

Bonk told officials she and her husband pulled the shark out and took it to the Intercoastal Waterway, where they tried to cleanse it of the chlorinated water. They attempted to revive the shark before it was let back into the ocean, but Bonk said it was “barely moving” at the time, and they were unsure about whether it would live.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission responded to Bonk’s call on the matter the following morning, and they are currently examining security video footage as part of their investigation.

[image via wikimedia]

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