Florida Appointed a FB Booster to Preside In Title IX Sexual Assault Case Against a FB Player

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Is the University of Florida trying to fix the outcome of a Title IX case involving a football player accused of sexual assault?

An ESPN report revealed that the school appointed a Jacksonville lawyer named Jake Schickel to oversee a conduct code hearing for Gators wide receiver Antonio Calloway (pictured above), who is being accused by a woman of sexual assault. Schickel is a Florida football booster, which means that he donates at least $4,800 to the football program each year.

Schickel graduated the University of Florida in 1968. He has been a trustee for Florida’s law school, and he also contributes at least $2,000 annually to the school’s basketball program.

The U.S. Department of Education allows schools to legislate their own Title IX cases, but mandates that those involved in the process must be unbiased.

“Quite frankly, short of finding a relative of Mr. Calloway, I’m not sure how UF could have found someone with more conflicts [than] Mr. Schickel,” said John Clune, an attorney representing Calloway’s accuser.

Clune added that because of Schickel’s appointment, his client is boycotting the conduct code hearing.

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