George W. Bush Tells Story About Manure and Bacon at Little Bro’s Campaign Rally

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 6.33.17 PMWhile stumping for his brother in South Carolina, former President George W. Bush took to the stage to tell a pretty interesting story to kick things off. Flanked by his brother, his wife Laura Bush, and Lindsey Graham, Bush managed to work in references to manure, a PETA protestor, and his love for bacon in what will probably be edited for a hilarious late night show out-of-context bit.

Jeb Bush is campaigning in the Palmetto State five days before the state-wide primary, where the former Florida Governor is hoping to gain momentum after disappointing finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire.

The transcript for the former President’s story about a fond South Carolina campaign memory is as follows:

David, and Susie and I and Laura went to Tommy’s Country’s Ham House. And we were eating breakfast. Matter of fact I was eating some bacon. When I looked out the window and a PETA protester dressed as a pig pulled up in a dump truck. He unloaded a huge load of manure in the parking lot to try to prevent me from leaving. It was kind of a sign of things to come. But let me tell you something about the Ham House. Even a steaming pile of manure can’t ruin their good bacon.

Good to have you back, W.

Check out the above video from CNN.

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