Forget the Mannequin Challenge and Move on to the #TrumpsComingChallenge

Earlier this month, the Mannequin Challenge swept the Internet. Often set to Rae Sremmurd‘s “Black Beatles” (which was remixed by Nicki Minaj this week), the challenge involved groups of people standing perfectly still as one person panned a camera around the scene. Next came the “Andy’s Coming” Challenge, which involved participants dropping to the floor like the characters in Toy Story do whenever Andy walks into a room. Now, we have the #TrumpsComingChallenge, which is similar to the Toy Story version in that someone yells, “Trump is coming!” Instead of dropping, though, participants just freak out and run.

Check out this news team in Toronto playing along:

Obviously, the reference is to American President-elect Donald Trump, who is not exactly beloved by young people. A number of high schools have had walk-outs in protest of the election of Trump, so his inclusion in this week’s viral challenge — which is almost always dictated by young people — is no surprise.

[image: screengrab]

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