Former CNN Chief Walter Isaacson: Media Helping To Divide The Nation

Former CNN chairman and CEO Walter Isaacson expressed his concern about the current state of the media and its impact on the nation’s political discourse.

Isaacson lamented the “enormous political divide” in the U.S. right now and claims the media is at least partially to blame.

In an interview with Bloomberg’s “What’d You Miss”, the head of the Aspen Institute’s education and policy studies said, “[T]he divides in our country have been exacerbated by all forms of media”. Isaacson added, “People are getting more and more partisan.”

When asked about whether Fox News’ widely perceived bias toward President Donald Trump was a contributing factor in the divide, Isaacson refused to place the blame on any one media outlet.

“I put everybody [in the media] in the category, including all of us, that we can step back from knee-jerk partisan elections…that would be good.

“One of the fingers in the wind is you are starting to see Fox News hosts have a lot more tough questions about Trump.”

Issacson also was asked about the possible impeachment of President Trump, and said there are not currently grounds for such an action.

“At the moment, we have not finished any of the investigations,” he said.

Watch above, via Bloomberg.

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