Former CNN Reporter Launches ‘Psychedelic’ Journalism Website

The Denver Post has its own marijuana editor and now America has a news site dedicated to all things psychedelic. Former CNN correspondent Amber Lyon announced the launch of, an “independent psychedelic journalism” project.

Lyon reportedly started taking psychedelic drugs to help treat symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after years of working on stories about sex trafficking and traveling to war zones for CNN. The idea behind the site is that it can serve as a resource for those interested in using drugs like psilocybin mushrooms to treat various ailments.

“For me, I was out in the field for 10 years covering violence, fighting, slavery, drug abuse, the underbelly of society,” Lyon told St. Louis’ Riverfront Times. “I saw the worst of the worst in my career and I was kind of absorbing the pain of others. I started to have problems sleeping, problems with short-term memory, it got so bad that I couldn’t write and I’m a writer, so that’s when I knew something was wrong.”

So far, Lyon has produced the short video piece below about her trip to Oaxaca, Mexico to try “magic mushroom tea.” Watch video below, via YouTube:

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