Former Mediaite Columnist A.J. Delgado Joins Trump Campaign

cqy8v-4umaa63vo-e1472229229493AJ Delgado has appeared more on cable news frequently to advocate for Donald Trump campaign, and she has now been brought on as a senior adviser.

Delgado told Yahoo News, “I am so pleased to join the Trump-Pence campaign as a senior adviser. As a longtime supporter of his candidacy, it is a great honor to stand behind Mr. Trump, and I look forward to continuing to spread his positive message and advocate for his policies placing Americans first.”

Delgado is a Harvard Law graduate, has practiced law in New York City, and has made plenty of cable news appearances over the years.

She was on MSNBC this week battling Chris Hayes over Hillary Clinton‘s “deplorable” remarks. And Hayes told Yahoo she’s certainly “the most cogent, formidable surrogate for Trump of anyone who’s been doing TV appearances.”

Now, something we should note here is that Delgado used to be a columnist for Mediaite and wrote a lot on subjects ranging from immigration to liberal condescension towards conservative minorities.

You can read Delgado’s past columns for Mediaite here.

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