Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Now Basically Obsessed With Trolling Donald Trump

Today, Super Deluxe released a video featuring none other than Donald Trump‘s chief international troll, Vicente Fox.

The former president of Mexico joined forces with the company to deliver some of the burns he usually reserves for his own Twitter account.

Specifically, he tore into Trump’s preoccupation with the crowd size at his inauguration. Fox pulled out a photo of himself at his inauguration, saying it was “one of the proudest days of [his] life” because he was thinking, “I have been honored with the massive burden of millions of expectations and I must do my absolute best to be worthy of that trust.”

He contrasted that with a photo of Trump at his inauguration, saying the American president had been worried “that the last guy had a bigger one” than he did.

“Donald,” he said cheekily, “his is much bigger.”

Then, he took aim at Trump’s seeming affinity for eating “beautiful” chocolate cake while making decisions on matters of global importance. Fox produced a piece of cake, saying he hoped it would make it easier for the bees in Trump’s brain to focus.

Ouch… literally.

Watch the roast above.

[image: screengrab]

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