Fox Analyst: Navy Sailor Who Apologized to Iran Should Be Court-Martialed

Fox News analyst Ralph Peters said in a Newsmax interview today that the Navy sailor who apologized to Iran should be court-martialed.

After Iran seized two U.S. Navy boats this week, state TV released video of a sailor saying, “It was a mistake, it was our fault, and we apologize for our mistake.”

Peters was absolutely outraged, telling Steve Malzberg that “they weren’t in the Hanoi Hilton” and under duress, so the suggestion they were pressured into apologizing is ridiculous.

“This is what our military has come to!” he cried. “That was aid and comfort to the enemy! He should be court-martialed!”

Peters said there’s a military code of conduct that everyone is supposed to follow, and that sailor did not follow it.

Watch above, via Newsmax.

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