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Fox CT Reporters Assaulted Outside Courthouse (Or, How Not To Improve Your Criminal Record)

Today’s Abject Lesson in How Not To Improve Your Criminal Record is brought to you by Sean and Christy Quail of Enfield, CT, both of whom are currently facing larceny charges for accepting stolen beer from Omar Thornton, the Hartford Distributor employee who shot eight co-workers before killing himself on Aug. 3.

The husband, Sean, took the entirely wrong approach to dealing with reporters at his wife’s trial. As the couple exited the courthouse, Mr. Quail sprayed reporter George Colli and cameraman Alan Chaniwski of Fox affiliate WTIC-TV with insecticide. Mr. Quail was arrested shortly thereafter and now faces assault charges in addition to the original larceny charges.

So, just to recap, spraying TV crews with insecticide is neither nice nor conducive to your future career prospects.

Colli and Chainwski are just fine, by the way. The much nicer folks at the fire department across the street hosed them off.

Video below (via The Hartford Courant):

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