Fox & Friends Thinks Shirts That Say ‘Journalism Matters’ are ‘Anti-Trump’

The bar for television news was lowered once again Tuesday with a brief Fox & Friends news segment criticizing media companies for selling clothing with “anti-Trump rhetoric.”

“Media bias on full display,” inveighed Fox anchor Heather Childers. “Newspapers now cashing in on T-shirts splashed with anti-President Trump rhetoric. The Washington Post offering this shirt which says ‘Democracy Dies in Darkness,’ the LA Times selling shirts that says ‘Journalism Matters,’ and the Chicago Tribune’s feature the line ‘Speaking Truth to Power Since 1847.’ The shirts being sold for about 20 bucks.”

Noteworthy in this segment was the fact that none of the shirts appeared to actually talk about Trump at all. “Democracy Dies in Darkness” — if overwrought — is now on the masthead of every single edition of the Washington Post. And if anyone thinks lines like “Journalism Matters” and “Speaking Truth to Power” have become controversial and “anti-Trump” it speaks volumes about their relationship to the president — and real life.

Of course, on the other hand, the segment may have just been indulging Trump’s own suggestion yesterday that the media “be nice” to him.

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