Fox Nation Streaming Service Launches: Books With Dana Perino, Cooking With Steve Doocy, Yelling With Tomi Lahren

Fox Nation, the subscription-only streaming service from Fox News, officially launched at 7 a.m. Tuesday — and it is LOUD.

I took some time out of my morning to experience the service billed for “Fox News superfans.” The platform is like Netflix, but instead of Brendan Dassey, it’s Steve Doocy murdering a key lime pie.

That’s right, there’s a Steve Doocy cooking show. In it, the Fox & Friends co-host whips up a pizza roll with Anthony Scaramucci and wife Deirdre, chili with Dr. Oz, a cake with Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum.

Fox and Friends After the Show Show, meanwhile, keeps the cameras rolling after the conclusion of the network’s hit morning program. In the debut six-minute clip, Doocy and Janice Dean talk about a shooting pain in her neck. Doocy prescribes “Advil — or vodka.” Doocy goes on to complain about the prices of martinis at Del Frisco’s, a haunt for Fox News talent (they’re $22).

Andrew Napolitano hosts Liberty File, where he will be “monitoring the government as it infringes on your personal liberty, takes your private property and interferes with your economic opportunities.” His first guest: Ken Starr, on to discuss the Mueller probe and presidential impeachment. It’s a compelling watch.

The same cannot be said for Tomi Lahren‘s bite-sized morning show First Thoughts. It opens with an agonizing guitar solo and somehow gets louder and more intolerable from there. HARD PASS.

Other highlights: Dana Perino‘s Book Club, opening with fellow host of The Five Greg Gutfeld as a guest; What Made America Great, in which Brian Kilmeade tours the 50 states; The First Family, which has Maria Bartiromo interviewing Eric Trump at his winery; and original content from Fox’s primetime hosts.

Fox Nation has a baseline price tag of $5.99 a month — the top tier package goes for $1,200 and includes a three-year membership and tactical watch. Will Fox News viewers “feeling left out” spring en masse for the platform? It remains unclear — Fox News is not revealing how many sign-ups it has bagged. Network executive John Finley told Bloomberg he has been impressed by the platform’s sales so far.

Either way, the network has a head-start on rivals in the subscription streaming game, as cord-cutting continues unfettered…

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