Fox News Dominates All Other News Outlets on Facebook

fox-newsYou might not be aware of this if your media/Facebook diet is more liberal, but Fox News is actually the most-engaged news outlet on Facebook.

Digiday looked into the numbers after Mark Zuckerberg recently said, “Fox News drives more interactions on its Facebook page than any other news outlet in the world. It’s not even close.”

From January 2016 to this month, Fox News has gotten a total of 120 million likes, shares, and comments on all of its posts, and has an interaction rate of 0.16 percent. And while that may seem low, the average interaction rate across dozens of major news outlets is 0.12 percent.

Compare Fox’s 120 million interactions to NowThis News and The Huffington Post. Both of them have a massive digital presence, but in the same period NowThis got 80 million interactions and HuffPost got 61 million.

Fox’s VP of social media, Jason Ehrich, explained what their key to online success has been:

“We’re running an engagement strategy. Part of [the platforms’] function is to serve as a second screen. We’re trying to serve our audience and one way we’re doing that is to allow them to talk to them on social platforms.”

And certainly a ratings powerhouse like Fox has enough dedicated fans to stay active online. Hell, Bill O’Reilly started tweeting this year.

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