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Fox Personalities Push Back Against Charges They’re ‘Downplaying’ Christie Story

Fox personalities Greta van Susteren and Brit Hume denied Thursday that their network was sidelining the Chris Christie Bridgegate story, which has received copious coverage on other news channels.

Van Susteren told Huffington Post to “GIVE IT A REST” (her caps) after the site accused Fox of ignoring the story for all of Wednesday:

Van Susteren said she covered the subject four times—though three were articles on her blog, GretaWire, with only one segment of her show On The Record devoted to the story. “I thought, in my editorial judgment, that matters involving the President of the United States and the Former Secretary of Defense Gates trumped a story involving a Governor of New Jersey,” she wrote on GretaWire. “That is what I led with. Maybe next time I should call this guy for editorial guidance?”

Today, when Fox pivoted from Christie’s marathon press conference (still going as of this writing) to other matters, Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty noticed they had scooted away when other networks were still carrying the thing live. Hume was having none of it:

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