Fox Radio Host Todd Starnes Defends Separating Migrant Families: ‘Trump is Not Gassing Children’


Fox News’ resident Bible-thumping talk radio host Todd Starnes defended the White House’s policy of separating undocumented immigrant families and locking children in cages, declaring that”President Trump is not gassing children.”

In today’s airing of The Todd Starnes Show on Fox News Radio, the host condemned Democrats and the media for comparing Trump’s family separation policy to Nazi Germany, a claim echoed Tuesday night on Fox News.

Starnes, who — lest anyone forget — also acted as an apologist for loser GOP Senate nominee Roy Moore amid his sexual misconduct allegations, shouted the following tirade about migrant children on Tuesday:

“President Trump is not gassing children. President Trump is not loading up train cars with illegal alien children and sending them to the death camps. Lady Liberty is in tears because the Democrats and the mainstream media would rather side with illegal alien invaders than stand alongside their fellow Americans.”

He continued by saying anyone who sides with undocumented immigrants over the Trump administration is “treasonous” and “traitors” in my book.

Starnes has attacked undocumented immigrants in the past, calling them “invaders” and the “enemy.

“The American taxpayers have reached a boiling point,” Starnes said in 2016. “We are tired of illegals taking American jobs. We are tired of illegals living off our tax dollars. We are tired of illegals causing mayhem in our streets.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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