Fox Radio Host: White House Condemned Offensive Anti-Islam Video, Why Won’t They Condemn South Park?

Fox News Radio host Todd Starnes was in attendance at the Values Voters Summit over the weekend, and during the panel discussion “Religious Hostility in America,” he brought up the fact that the controversial anti-Islam film Innocence of Muslims warranted explicit condemnations from the White House, but no such condemnations have been given to anti-Christian entertainment. Starnes pointed to the show South Park as an example of the latter and suggested there should be a federal investigation into the Comedy Central show.

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Right Wing Watch posted the video of Starnes’ comments on YouTube, in which he claimed that the White House said they strongly condemn anything that denigrates the Islamic faith, questioning why they have not said the same about Christianity.

“When has the administration condemned the anti-Christian films that are coming out of Hollywood? Where… are the federal investigations into shows like South Park, which has denigrated all faiths? Where is the outrage when people of the Christian faith are subjected to this humiliation that is coming out of Hollywood?”

I must have missed that time when South Park set off violent riots across the Middle East.

Watch the video of Starnes’ remarks below:

h/t Right Wing Watch

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